Paradigm Initiative in collaboration with the Media Council of Kenya recently hosted the Digital Rights Academy, offering digital journalists an invaluable opportunity to bolster their online security skills and safeguard their digital presence. This academy aimed to equip attendees with the knowledge and tools essential for protecting themselves in the digital realm. The academy commenced with an in-depth exploration of digital security, seeking to unravel the world of cyber threats. Participants delved into discussions on various digital security threats, examining real-world case studies to gain a comprehensive understanding of the risks they face. The "Ripoti" impact tool facilitated a dynamic exchange of ideas and strategies to mitigate these threats effectively. Building a strong foundation for digital security was the next focus, as attendees were introduced to fundamental digital security tools and techniques. They learned how to safeguard their online communications effectively, minimizing the risk of data breaches and privacy infringements. The "Ayeta" impact tool encouraged interactive learning, enabling participants to implement these newfound skills. The impact of the Finance Act on bloggers and other content creators was also a significant topic of discussion during the academy. Understanding the legal aspects of blogging and how financial regulations can affect online activities was crucial for attendees to navigate the digital landscape confidently. Securing websites took center stage as well, with participants learning how to evaluate the risks associated with their platforms. They gained insights into recognizing vulnerabilities and strengths in their online presence, enabling them to design a robust security protocol tailored to their specific needs. Crafting an effective security strategy became second nature, equipping attendees with the ability to protect their digital assets comprehensively. One of the academy's highlights was the exploration of the digital superhighway and its role in the creative economy. Participants were sensitized to the vast array of opportunities available in the digital realm, gaining insight into the envisaged plans for its growth. This segment of the academy fostered a visionary perspective, encouraging attendees to leverage the digital superhighway for their creative pursuits. The Media Council of Kenya and Paradigm initiative plan to hold more such forums to address crucial aspects of digital security, legal implications, website protection, and the digital economy.

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