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Ajuma Nasenyana’s Modelling Agency Is Every Kenyan Model’s Dream: Interview

FYI , Interviews
A few tips and advice that aspiring models and take up when looking for a legitimate modelling agency to sign up with.

Yul Burkle & Scarlet Ortiz: The Stuff Celebrity Relationships are Made Of

TV Buzz
Interestingly, the pair is yet to be cast as onscreen love interests.

‘Mujeres De Negro’: Julio Zamora is No More

TV Buzz
I had come to the conclusion that he was one character that we were going to see through to the end but  I soon realized how mistaken I was.

Throwback Thursday: The Evolution of Brand Packaging

Throwback Thursdays
These products have seen major changes in their branding- a walk down memory lane.

Queen of the South Season Two Review: The New King of the Castle

Series Reviews
A review of the second season of Queen of the South- it's a take over!

New On Netflix This Weekend: August 18–20

TV Buzz
A weekly round up of new additions to the streaming service.

Nigerian Artist, Seyi Shay Tells Women Off in an Interview About Women Empowerment

Interviews , Music
Here's a little thing you should know about Nigerian artist, Seyi Shay's interview with Yaa Somuah.

Test Your Marvel Cinematic Universe Knowledge

Buzz Quiz
Marvel movies thrill audiences around the world with their skillful blend of humor, action and great characterization. But how well do you remember them?

If You Can Ace This Then You're TOTALLY a '90s Kid

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How well do you remember your 90's? Take this quiz to find out!.

Wigs & Turbans Salon- The Saving Glory for Hair Loss

Business , Fashion & Beauty
This store specializes in wigs and turbans for those ladies who have suffered hair loss due to cancer.

The Kenyan Election in Memes

Did you catch these memes last week?

Tips for Great First Dates

Sex & Relationships
For many people, the pressure to make the first date perfect is immense. To make it easier, we've collected some ideas that are simple, yet good!

Kenya’s New TV Dramedy ‘Tujaribu’ Set to Premiere This Weekend

‘Tujaribu’, a drama/comedy series will premiere on KTN this Saturday, Aug 19 at 8pm.

4 Main Reasons Why Women Cheat

Sex & Relationships
More often than not, a girl’s infidelity, unlike a man, leads to a breakup. But is it always the fault of the woman?

How Our Athletes United a Divided Country in London, One Stride at a Time

At a time when Kenya was split right down the middle by a tense election, our athletes brought us together with some dazzling displays at the just concluded IAAF World Championships in London.

WCW - The First Kenyan Female Governors

Trending Topics
The first ever Kenyan female governors are today's WCW's.

Surrogacy in Kenya: A Growing Fertility Practice Is Helping More Kenyan Couples Conceive

Health & Fitness , Kids
Surrogacy is revolutionizing fertility culture in Kenya.

The Sarahah App That is Taking Kenya and the World by Storm

Tech Talk , Trending Topics
Have you tried out Sarahah yet? Here's our opinion on the app.

Kenyan Filmmakers Asked to Submit Movies for Oscar Consideration

Read more on how Kenyan filmmakers have been asked to submit their movies for Oscar consideration.

Top 5 Movies Based in Las Vegas

All the glittering and glimmering actually shows, at least to some extent, the high quality of life in the place.