Artificial Intelligence has been a contentious topic this decade and discourse around the future of AI has increased this year. Now, The Creator  a science fiction action thriller directed by  Gareth Edwards is already getting rave reviews from Hollywood critics. 
The cast includes John David Washington as Joshua, a battle-tested former special forces operative.Mourning the vanishing of his wife, he gets enlisted to track and eliminate "The Creator". An enigmatic architect of AI  who has crafted a cryptic weapon capable of not only concluding the war but also spelling doom for humanity.
 The dystopic  future is ablaze with a conflict between humanity and the relentless artificial intelligence in this movie. 
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#TheCreator is a bold, fun, sci-fi delight. It has an engrossing story, gorgeous visuals, resonant themes, & epic action. My main problem is it didn't make me cry. It tries. VERY hard. But a tiny lack of connection means it *JUST* misses being a perfect package. But only *just.*
— Germain Lussier (@GermainLussier) 
I'm so impressed with what #GarethEdwards pulled off on #thecreator. He's made an original sci-fi movie in a time where making original movies on this scale is next to impossible and the film delivers on so many levels. Seek this one out and absolutely see it in a movie theater.
— Steven Weintraub (@colliderfrosty)
#TheCreator is a MASTERFUL piece of original sci-fi. Gareth Edwards is one of our GREAT filmmakers. A soulful, nuanced, Lucas-like interrogation of human beliefs/biases & our insecurity in the face of something greater. Spectacle & heart to the highest order. Pure cinema baby!
— Griffin Schiller (@griffschiller) 
Visually #TheCreator is PHENOMENAL. If you want a cinematographer on the rise to keep your eye on, it's Oren Soffer. This movie is one stunning frame after the next.
— Perri Nemiroff (@PNemiroff) 
#TheCreator is a masterpiece & one of the year's best movies. It hits on so many levels with AI being such a hot topic. Gareth Edwards does a masterful job of keeping the audience engaged every step of the way. Madeleine Yuna Voyles has to be in the conversations for The Oscars
— Joseph Deckelmeier (@joedeckelmeier) 
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