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Five Positive Effects of the New Budget on Kenyan Tourism

Players in the tourism industry have a reason to smile, after the new budget statement recently read by the Cabinet Minister – Finance.

The Johnny Depp Ordeal: 7 Rules for Travelling With Your Pets

Pets , Travel
So Johnny Depp and estranged wife Amber Heard thought they could escape the sharp eye of the Australian immigration laws by trying to private jet their Yorkshire terriers into the Mother of World's most livable cities.

Fuss-Free Travels: Six Tips for Baby Meal-Planning & Co-Sleeping

Apart from the need to tuck in a change of diapers and set of bibs, there are new considerations to make especially on meal planning, snooze times and baby safety.

Quaint Adventures: Seven Hotels You Should Visit in Kenya Before the Year Ends

While the Kenyan investors and developers in the hotel sector are yet to explore the (market) potential in dining in the nude

Post-Holiday Blues: 8 Perfect Ways to Getting Back Your Boost

You finger tips are probably still hurting from hitting the selfie sharing button one too many times, and your adrenaline is still raging.

Top 6 Apps for New Mothers

Tech Talk
A US-based study put the period a new mom needs to get back in the swing of things at the workplace at an average of 3.8 months.

Outfits From Across Africa

Fashion & Beauty
Starting from Kenyan Kikoi and Kanga, to South African Madiba shirt, to Algerian Caftan and Nigerian Wrapper, they all amaze us with colours and texture.

Transport & the Tourism Sector in Kenya

The challenge to the tourism sector has been the state of the roads to some of the gateway parks and tourist attractions.

Destination of the Week: Malindi

Although the history of Malindi dates back to 13th century, it only became popular among tourists after the II World War, when first hotels started popping up in the neighbourhood.

Where To Do Water Sports in East Africa?

From windsurfing, to deep sea diving to boat rides, you can enjoy East Africa like never before. 

4 Mountains to Conquer in Kenya

Trekking and mountain climbing are one of the most exciting sport activities. Who does not like seeing the world from above where everything seems to be so small and innocent?

Destination of the Week: Hell’s Gate

The intense geothermal activity within the park’s boundaries resulted in it’s unique name.

Fun Spots to Visit With Family This Easter

The Easter weekend is almost here. It is normally time for families to come together. For some it is usually the time of the year to go on holiday. This can be upcountry or sandy beaches. 

Destination of the week: Meru & Its Neighborhood

The city itself is home to the majestic Mount Kenya - the highest mount in Kenya and second highest on the African continent.

Destination of the Week: Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park is the second most popular Kenyan national park right after Maasai Mara.

Cultural Festivals in Kenya

Arts & Culture
Travel specialists from are looking into the most popular festivals...

Food From Across Africa - Infographic

Food & Drink
Just like the whole continent, African cuisine is full of variety too.

Booking Your Hotel Online. How Does It Work?

With 24 hours a day presence of hotels online a customer does not have to restrict themselves to “opening and closing hours”

Jovago Launches #Kenyayetu - A Social Media Campaign to Promote Domestic Tourism

“Kenya is a beautiful country. Kenyans should be proud of it and be its ambassadors. Don’t wait for other people to start - be the first one” - said Estelle Verdier-Watine, Managing Director of Jovago in East Africa

Destination of the Week: Lamu Island

The history of Lamu dates back to fourteenth century. That was when Arabs arrived in the island, established the port and built the first mosques.