Kenya's education landscape is currently a hotbed of discussions surrounding the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC). Parents, teachers, and all stakeholders are invited to engage in a forum on the Global Perspective of Kenya's Education Reforms happening on Thursday, April 25th at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development.
The CBC, introduced to modernize Kenya's education system, has sparked debates on its effectiveness in preparing students for the future. This forum aims to provide a platform for diverse perspectives, enabling fruitful discussions on education reforms in the country including the merits and challenges of the CBC.
Parents play a crucial role as primary stakeholders, directly impacted by their children's educational journey. Their insights into how the CBC affects learning outcomes and student well-being are invaluable.
Teachers, as implementers of the curriculum, offer firsthand experiences and perspectives on its practicality, effectiveness, and areas for improvement.
All education stakeholders bring unique viewpoints and expertise essential for holistic discussions on Kenya's education reforms. By fostering an open dialogue, this forum seeks to identify opportunities for enhancement and consensus-building towards a more inclusive and impactful education system.
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