The University of Nairobi (UON) will host social media influencers and anyone interested in digital marketing and the evolution of news in the age of social media at the inaugural International Creators Day on April 23rd. The event celebrates digital content creators' contributions globally, focusing on their entrepreneurship and ability to inspire, entertain, and educate communities.
The conference will cover global and local content creation trends, including monetization, engagement, tools, brand influence, and creator financing. Leading digital platforms, creator agencies, and brands will participate, showcasing innovations for creators. Safaricom, the anchor sponsor, emphasizes empowering creators through its youth platform, Safaricom Hook.
Kenya's digital content creator economy has grown, with creators monetizing memes, videos, blogs, apps, and securing deals, revenue sharing, subscriptions, and payments from followers. International Creators Day celebrates Kenya's digital talent and offers networking, learning, and collaboration opportunities in the digital landscape. Such events nurture and empower creators for future success in the growing creator economy.
Check University of Nairobi social media platforms for ticket details.

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