If you've seen the popular video  of apes riding on horsebacks on social media and needed context, it's from Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes. The movie directed by Wes Ball is the sequel to "War for the Planet of the Apes" (2017). It's the fourth film in the franchise reboot and the tenth film in the series overall.
Here's a little recap: "Rise of the planet of the apes" sets the stage with a virus creating smart apes, leading to human decline. "Dawn of the planet of the Apes" continues with ape-human tensions. "War of the planet of the Apes" is the epic battle of men vs apes for dominion.
Now, several generations later after the events of War of the Planet of the Apes,apes rule over earth and humans stay in the shadows. In the midst of this new order, a formidable ape leader -Proximus Caesar rises and is intent on establishing his empire. 
However, it is during this time that a young ape (Noa) goes on a coming-of-age journey  that forces him to reevaluate everything he thought he knew about the past and the plans of Proximus Caesar . His choices in this pivotal moment have the potential to shape not just the future of apes, but also the destiny of humanity, hanging precariously in the balance.
The visuals from the trailer are spectacular and this movie has created quite a buzz.
Watch as Noa goes head to head with Proximus and his troops to stop their nefarious plans to completely wipe out human beings. We've got tickets on KenyaBuzz.
*Image: 20th Century

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