What's next after KCSE? Teenagers in Kenya are embarking on the exciting journey post high school and Vuka (cross-over) is here to help. Vuka is a transformative program by life coaches at Candid Hope.   One of the central themes of the program is the development of character. Through engaging workshops and interactive sessions, participants learn about the importance of integrity, resilience, and empathy. They explore ways to cultivate a strong sense of self and ethical decision-making, laying the foundation for a life of purpose and fulfillment. Financial literacy is another critical aspect covered in the program. Teens are guided through the basics of budgeting, saving, and understanding credit. They gain practical insights into managing money responsibly, fostering financial independence, and setting the stage for a secure future. Career guidance is provided to help participants explore their passions, strengths, and interests. Professionals from various fields share their experiences, offering valuable insights into different career paths. This exposure helps teenagers make informed decisions about their academic and professional journeys. Building healthy relationships is emphasized as a fundamental skill for navigating the complexities of adulthood. Interactive workshops focus on effective communication, conflict resolution, and fostering positive connections. Teens learn the importance of boundaries and self-respect, contributing to the development of strong and supportive social networks. Inquiries: 0757975701

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Maureen is our resident cat lady and Beyoncé stan. She writes about spas, brunch and ballet recitals but has never been to any. Moonlights as a social justice activist in her spare time. She knows things and is obnoxiously opinionated on the internet but not in real life

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