The Simba Saloon was packed to the brim over the past weekend for the much-awaited Qwetu house party which had an attractive artist line-up ( Kansoul, Vanessa Mdee, Dela and Kagwe Mungai), all who brought their A-game to the stage.
The experience was bitter-sweet for a number of reasons. Let's get done with the negative part of it: the PR representative from "publicisone" did a poor job at honouring her agreement with us in terms of passes, our representative was given a regular (an act that appeared to come out of malice) as opposed to an all access and VIP, while the opportunity to interview the artist was kicked to the curb- a matter that was prior agreed on. To add salt to injury, the representative did not even have the courtesy to offer food to the representative claiming that "it was finished", a fact which turned out to be an outright lie as the VIP section had food flowing like a river.
However, the good outweighed the negative with the choice of MC's: Shaq the Yunging and Sheila Kwamboka, who were superb, the DJ: whose playlist kept the guests on their feet all night through and the artist's performance which were phenomenal.
The fiery performances started at 7.30pm, with Dela as the curtain raiser. Dela's voice is always something that's very fascinating because of her ability to hit the highest of notes. Given the fact that she was battling a horrible cold, she surely could have fooled me because she gave an amazing performance with her hit songs like "Mafeelings". She also invited her fans on stage to jam along with her.
Eye-candy, Kagwe Mungai followed suit with his epic performance of his song with Nairobi's coolest squad, "Kama Kawaida" amongst other hit songs like "baas" with Kanseoul, which has over 900,000 views on YouTube and "Nyumbani" with Ghanaian artist Alicios.
The hype that the Kanseoul brought on to the stage kept their fans on their toes, breaking a sweat (literally) through it all. They gave a lengthy performance, a fact that is satisfying to any event organizer: - from the dancing to their "bablas" hit song- one can say it was worth every penny. Not to mention how Kid Kora got off stage to join his fans while performing. They also went on to do covers of songs like "Free Up" by Busy Signal and other well-known hit songs.
Vanessa Mdee, AKA, Vee Money closed the show in style, everything about her performance was jaw-dropping! Don't be deceived by a tiny stature, the girl has some serious moves, her back up dancers gave the crowd vigour and evident passion, they were impressively synchronized! She also performed for the very first time her new song, correct to which three gents were called on to stage for what no person could have possibly predicted: - X-rated grinding, bodies inverted and all-around Jamaican club moves were the serving of the night. She also invited her better half on stage in what was the mushiest moment of the night.
The VIP area was served a wide array of dishes, consistently indicating a well thought out budget. Mini pizzas, chicken nuggets, coated fries, mshkakis and the list goes on were the order of the night. All in all, the event was a complete success from the turn out to the set up and the performances.

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