One of the benefits of being young and healthy is the gift of boundless energy that can be channeled into to beneficial physical activities like hiking. And Kenya is home to some of the most beautiful hiking spots. Health benefits of exercise remain undisputed; your will body always rewards you for taking care of it. In recent years conversations around living a healthy lifestyle have increased; resulting in people going to the gym, but also resorting to 'shortcuts' such as  the power of the all 'magical' slim tea and even going under the knife for the 'perfect body' thanks to unnecessary societal pressure, no doubt backed by the quest for social media likes.
Thankfully more people are tapping into the health gem that is hiking.We have a beautiful country with no shortage of places to explore. Hiking is the true definition of Mind - Body - Soul nourishment. From mental, physical and social well-being, the health benefits are inexhaustible.
Here are some beautiful hiking spots in Kenya that I have been fortunate enough to hike with a group called Summit Seekers Kenya and would highly recommend:

Kamweti In Mt Kenya 

This serene location is located in Chongoria.Its considered a photographer's haven for its breathtaking views that is set to have you amazed.

 Zaina Falls at Aberdare National Park

Located just past Ihururu town in Nyeri,Zaina falls stands out from the rest of the location in the area for its picturesque forest cover.It is definitely a hidden gem in the Aberdare Forest.

Ragia Falls in The Aberdares

This place is located on the western side of The Aberdares ranges,as you trek to the falls you can see Elephant hill reflected beautifully and if you're lucky enough to catch the Sunrise/Sunset its even better.

Karuru Falls at Aberdare National Park

The Waterfall is the highest and tallest in Kenya standing at 273 metres and is located in Nyandarua county.Covered with an rich forest cover this location is definitely a must visit if you're looking to indulge in what nature has to offer.

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