The whole fiasco that the Former KISS FM radio presenter made when she took to her YouTube channel when reviewing the new Samsung Note 8 to confidently state that the phone has a "12 MP camera with a dual effect" and in turn contradicts herself in the most confident way possible by saying that "every time you take a picture you're getting 24 mega pixels because both of them actually take a picture at the same time."
If you're completely in the dark with what all this means, here's a breakdown of the phone's camera: - The Note 8 is the first phone from Samsung to sport dual cameras. Even without that secondary lens, this is one of the best shooters in mobile. Photos from the main 12MP camera are evenly exposed, vibrant, and super-clear. Autofocus is lightning fast, and it takes great photos even in dim settings. The secondary telephoto camera offers 2X optical zoom with 12MP of resolution.
Trust Kenyans to go berserk on social media about this extreme blonde moment! Here are a couple of the hilarious reactions we found:
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