Kenyan creatives are rapidly adopting AI to enhance their work, according to a study by Creatives Garage as part of Mozilla's Africa Mradi research series. The study, "ARTificial Intelligence in Africa," examines how AI tools are used by artists and the opportunities and challenges they present. It also explores interactions between the creative community, technologists, and policymakers, offering recommendations for ethical AI use in Kenya.
Over 100 participants, including creatives, AI developers, and intellectual property experts, contributed through surveys, focus groups, and interviews. The study found that while AI tools are widely adopted for tasks like image generation, graphic design, and video creation, none are locally developed. Popular tools include ChatGPT, Google Gemini/Bard, Canva, Grammarly, Google Translate, and Midjourney.
Key concerns include job displacement, cultural biases, misinformation, and intellectual property issues. Participants emphasized the need for robust policies to protect creative rights, address copyright concerns, and ensure ethical AI development. Recommendations include capacity building for policymakers, developing inclusive AI tools by African developers, and using datasets that reflect the African context.
Liz 'Thayu' Kilili, Founder and Managing Director of Creatives Garage, stated, "As creatives, we cannot escape technology. Instead, we must harness it to our advantage, blending our artistic visions with technological innovations to enhance and expand our cultural expressions."

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