Cities across the world have one thing in common: Security concerns. Authorities are responding to this through the digital surveillance of their citizens. At the same time, massive urbanization puts pressure on large urban centers and reveals growing social and spatial inequalities. These two elements deeply affect our social contract, interpersonal relations, public and private space and the rights of each individual. MATZA is convinced that we should not choose between security and freedom, but that the solution lies in COMMON GROUNDS, those intermediate spaces, physical or symbolic common grounds in which the feelings of trust and belonging are gradually built, essential components for communities to flourish. You can see this idea in motion at the  Nairobi edition of "digital informalities" which explores new social contracts in the era of digitalization, urbanization, and insecurity. Eight artists and architects from Kenya, Venezuela, and Switzerland will join the 19-day event from January 23 to February 10, 2023. The focus will be on the Mukuru Lunga Lunga area in Nairobi, with the collaboration of the Wajukuu Arts Collective and experts. The event will close with an exhibition running till the end of February. The project will showcase various mediums, like photography, videos, music, and sounds, projected in public spaces. The goal is to consider alternative perspectives on trust and social contracts in the context of digitalization and insecurity. The project was initiated by Séverin Guelpa and Anja Wyden Guelpa in collaboration with Edgelands Institute and Civic Lab Geneva. Explore digital informalities on:  MATZA, Edgelands, and Wajukuu Arts Collective

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