Kenyan telenovela lovers have always known Mexican, South Korea and The Philippines as the go-to territories for amazing dramas but there is one more country that is fast becoming a favorite. Turkey is now on the radar of many viewers because of its refreshing and touching stories. Here are some Turkish dramas that you can follow:

Cennet on Telemundo

Cennet was abandoned by her mother as a newborn and her grandmother took care of her. Despite her humble upbringing and lack of financial resources, she becomes a brilliant architect and achieves her dream job at a prestigious architecture firm. Cennet is unexpectedly reunited with Selim, her childhood friend who also works in the firm, and her biological mother Arzu, who disappeared from her life and has now come to disrupt her world. Melisa is a second daughter of Arzu from another relationship, and she becomes very jealous about the increasing relationship of Cennet and Selim. Will she come between them? You can follow Cenet on Telemundo, daily at 10:00 pm.

Three Sisters on StarTimes

Turkan is the oldest daughter in the house. She is 22 years old and is known for her beauty all over the town. She is naïve, silent, pure, and romantic. She is like a girl who is born to be a perfect wife. A well-known wealthy family, the Korman family, asks for Turkan's hand in marriage with their son Somer. Within a month, Turkan and Somer get married and hold a fairy tale wedding ceremony. Turkan dreams to have a happy marriage just like in fairytales. However, on her wedding day, she realizes that her husband Somer has accepted this marriage without his consent. What kind of marriage will they have? You can follow Three Sisters on StarTimes Novela E channel, daily at 8:00 pm.

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