It's a good time to be a superhero. Honestly, if there's a time you wished to be one, this is it. Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War will be released on April 27th and it will be one of the biggest movies ever by the sheer number of heroes assembled in it. To catch up with the storyline up to this mouth-watering convergence point in the Marvel Cinematic Universe calls for a few re-watches so as to familiarize yourself with all the events that came before.
Iron Man
Tony Stark's story is fleshed out in the standalone movies to his conflict with Captain America. You will get to understand the technology and his genius. Why is he crying in the trailer by the way?
The Incredible Hulk
What really ticks Bruce Banner? Can we trust him to be on our side? Will he turn villainous in Infinity War or will he control his freak nature? We all know how much we've struggled with him in other movies.
Make sure to watch all Thor movies and get to understand Loki's motivation as a villain. The trailer for the new movie is a little sketchy and we can't tell whether Loki is the one who unleashes Thanos. Heard all that theory about Infinity Stones? Thor movies will start to give you an idea.
Captain America
Get to find out where he got his shield from, his strengths and some of the weaknesses that might mess him up in the upcoming movie.
The Avengers
You need to watch all the Avengers sequels to understand how effective the team is as one. It's amazing how Marvel decided to bring all their heroes together, more like what we have in X-Men.  The Avengers is also very dynamic and you will realize who the weakest link can be.
Guardians of The Galaxy
Thanos is coming from the galaxy and Gamora, in the trailer, seems to know why he seems to be on a revenge mission on earth. The two volumes of Guardians of the Galaxy will play a major role in Avengers Infinity War.
I guess this ant-sized hero will get into Thanos's nose and make him sneeze to death. Wishful-thinking.  This stand-alone movie will also help you get into the full Avengers mode.
Doctor Strange
His power is shifting dimensions and time. He will likely reverse time and have Thanos locked away in a loop. Yes, you better watch the movie to understand this.
Spider-Man: Homecoming
The kind of chills he gets when the trailer starts has me sold. Spider-Man is one fun character but when Thanos arrives it will be anything but fun. Will he have a girlfriend to protect as part of his motivation?
Black Panther
The final scene in Avengers Infinity War takes place in Wakanda so if you feel like watching this movie once didn't do you justice, watch it for a second and third time. It's still totally worth it.
Remember guys, you have less than a month before Avengers drops to complete the above. You can buy advance tickets here

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