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What Are Critics Saying About Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them?

14 Nov 2016 | By Eva Gachoka


The first reviews from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them are in!  With terms such as “inventive” and “intricately detailed” being thrown around we decided to sample some reviews and perhaps give you an idea of what’s in store come November 18th.

The Independent: 4/5:
In their words, the movie combines astonishing special effects with plenty of humour and pathos. Although there are moments when the storytelling seems dark, it never loses its charm and whimsicality. Full Review

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Empire: 3/5
The reviewer gives credit to J.K Rowling and the Warner Bros team for opening a whole new wizardry saga in a new era, a new country, and with entirely new characters. Full Review


The Telegraph: 4/5
According to The Telegraph, a film about a zookeeper has turned out to be the most unexpectedly relevant blockbuster of 2016.  Fantastic Beasts takes place right before the Great Depression, notwithstanding its vision of an America caught in the jaws of fear and paranoia will feel strangely familiar to the current times. There is even a smirking son of privilege, Henry Shaw, running for congress with a campaign slogan “America’s Future”. Full Review


The Guardian:  5/5
“Fantastic Beasts is a rich, intricately detailed piece of entertainment with a breathtaking digital fabrication of pre-war New York City.” The reviewer also commends Katherine Waterston, as Trina, who portrays a strong young female lead who tackles bad guys on equal terms with a man. Full Review


Time Out:  4/5
Time Out defines the Harry Potter spin off as both inventive and familiar noting Eddie Redmayne’s performance as not only endearing but a set up for the emotional core of the franchise. Full Review


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