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The Last Hangover You Should EVER Have…

07 Jun 2013 | By Andrew Onyango

It’s funny. It is. But at this point I just don’t care anymore. I mean, the first time “The Wolf Pack” lost a friend in Las Vegas then destroyed the city, pissed off the police department and stole a tiger from Mike Tyson to get him back, I was in awe of just how incredibly bad their collective hangover was.

Then they went to Bangkok and repeated the process and I was lukewarm about it but somewhat happy. Now that they are doing it again and trying to tie up the other two story lines into this one, I just have to say it. I DON’T CARE ANYMORE! It is not as memorable as the first one was. Quite frankly it’s a lot like bad sex. It’s sex so you are happy to be having it but you just want it to be over. Know what I mean?

It goes like this. The Wolf Pack consisting of a good looking Phil (Bradley Cooper), a butterball Alan (Zach Galifianakis), a nervous Stu (Ed Helms) and the disappearing main character Doug (Justin Bartha) are convening an intervention for Alan who is, by all meanings of the phrase, out of control.

Alan agrees to go along with this “rehab” business if the boys are the ones who take him to the facility. But while they are on their way there they are ambushed by men in masks who take them to their boss Marshall (John Goodman). Turns out Alan’s old “frienemy” Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong) robbed Marshall of millions in gold. Marshall takes Doug as collateral then orders The Wolf Pack to find Chow and deliver him alive.

Mr. Chow has been busy. He escaped from a Bankok prison and returned to the states where he has been living his usual crazy lifestyle while somehow managing to plan a complicated heist. The reluctant heroes catch up with him but a bullet from Marshall’s gun may have been a better option. Mr. Chow is a lunatic who even the strongest drugs on the planet cannot subdue. Somehow they have to capture the wiley Asian and return him to Marshall in order to get Doug back.

Like I said, the movie is funny. There is quite a bit of wit and shtick in it. But the exhaustion of trying to find some emotional attachment to it wins out. Even a sentimental scene in which Alan hugs a kid is more out of place than it is endearing. Ultimately, the first one set the standard for what can be called “a bad hangover”. But this third installation feels like it was made just for the sake of DVD box set sales.

Andrew Onyango

Review courtesy of Starflix Prestige Plaza

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