I want to send a special message to all Cartoon Network fans and especially those who loved Dexter’s Laboratory. Our nostalgia is being relived through memes courtesy of Dexter’s accent. Kenyans jumped in on the Dexter memes to share the words we commonly mispronounce. The new meme wave that blew up on Twitter features Dexter whispering a cool phrase to his bae’s ear after she tells him to say it again. Black Twitter made it so that the memes focused on hood phrases and lingo and they had hilarious tweets. Kenyans on Twitter couldn’t be left behind and we tweeted Dexter whispering words that we commonly get wrong. If one person says, ‘Ovocado’ again, I’m gonna lose it. Here’s the Dexter video that inspired the meme: https://youtu.be/cfHSIrVh_wY Yes, memes honestly reflect a true aspect of our lives albeit in humorous ways. I have to be honest, I’ve never quite gotten how to pronounce Carrefour. Oh well, it is what it is. There was a study a while back that suggested memes are not very good for our health. The horror! What would life be without them? Here are the funniest Dexter Kenyan accent memes you missed. I had to bookmark the ‘Wozzap’ one. If you know, you know. https://twitter.com/GraceJustBeing/status/1060774360536047617 https://twitter.com/lamba_lo/status/1061157807398047744 https://twitter.com/tyrus_/status/1060901091146108928 https://twitter.com/Marvin_MMark/status/1061520925181595649 https://twitter.com/gwwaithaka/status/1061101429652373505 https://twitter.com/Stacee_stace/status/1061262038662569984 https://twitter.com/Nkirdizzle/status/1060857563728744450 https://twitter.com/AbdullahiADahir/status/1060937917152067584 https://twitter.com/ArcherMishale/status/1061583256477417472

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