The Flight to Destiny finally aired the finale on the 6th of June and things were very far from what we expected.
It turns out that Victoria's entire story was actually fiction and Victoria wrote is as a script during her 15-year jail term. In the story script, she spent 8 years in prison and left to pursue her dream of becoming a runner and in that she was able to meet Raul, as well as her real parents; Cecelia and Braulio.
In real life, she never met her Raul and he was only a fiction of her imagination. She never met her real parents as well and the characters Cecelia and Braulio were actually people that she met in prison whose stories inspired her to include them in her story. This also included the characters of Elsa, Magdalena and Adriana.
Andres got Victoria released from prison in real life like he did in the story while Madam Chencha never actually died; she only died in Victoria's written story. Soon after Victoria was released, she was able to become a runner for Clemente's team just like she had written and she eventually won a gold medal for her country in Lima during the 2017 Olympics. There was no wedding for her and Andres but he did propose to her after she was awarded her prestigious gold medal. The ultimate finale was Victoria giving her script to Elias, a movie producer who said that he would turn it to a soap opera which is what we had watched.
Granted, this finale was something we never predicted and the producers tried to do something different with it but I wasn't crazy about it. The main reason for this is because there was no clear line between what real and what Victoria wrote in her story so it just muddled up into confusion. For instance, Julio was never married to Elena and was only working for Andres' family. If this was the case then Andres' mother; Gloria was never killed by Julio but she did not reappear in the finale like Chencha had. Did she die from other causes? By eliminating Julio's role in real life, it was also not clear how characters such as Elena and Emiliano got together. The show left gaping story lines with this finale and one almost feels cheated because it wasn't quite satisfactory.
This is only my opinion of The Flight to Victory's and we hope you can tell us what you thought about it. Also, take a vote on the poll below and tell us whether you liked the Finale or not.

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