Alonso and Regina's marriage isn't getting any better. After Regina caught Alonso pants down with another woman last week, she decided to throw caution to the wind and give herself a chance with Gerardo. Luck was not on Regina's side either, because everyone around her ended up finding out about her steamy night with Gerardo, courtesy of Gerardo's ex-wife Teresa. This did not augur well with Alonso and when he decided to reproach her about it, Regina told him that she was leaving him. She also let him know that she's leaving the political party and that she will run against him for the presidency. Alonso took this even worse than the fact that she slept with Gerardo. He resulted to calling her stupid for even thinking that she could stand a chance against him in the elections. He tried to discourage her further by saying that no one would vote for someone like her, who was a worthless wife as well as a prostitute. He ended by threatening to turn their son against Regina as well as ruin her campaign. As I watched Regina get insulted, I felt myself cringe. These two have been married for 20 years yet, there is clearly no love between them. Whatever little respect that kept them together this long is now gone, and even if they wanted to save their marriage, how do they forgive each other after such words have been said? Is this the true picture of modern-day marriage? Once the love is gone, does the respect between two people who once vowed to be together, for better or for worse, end too? What do you think?                                                                             Mary Njehia is an ardent watcher of soap operas and telenovelas. She runs Kenya Meets The Philippines, a blog for Kenyans who love Filipino entertainment.

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