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Safaricom Youth Orchestra Enchants Crowd At Brookhouse

02 Aug 2016 | By Lisa Mugera

safaricom youth orchestra
Safaricom Youth Orchestra players performing at Brook House School

United by their love for music, 68 children from diverse social and economic backgrounds, came together to perform some of the best music I’ve heard in a long time. This band, is the 'Safaricom Youth Orchestra'.

Made up of children from ages 10 -18, the Safaricom Youth Orchestra, graced the Brookhouse School Auditorium a week ago. They had an hour-long performance full of medleys, harmonies and original music. My best performance was 'Safari Yabamba', composed by band leader, Levi. Below is a sample of 'Safari Yabamba'.

The @Safaricom Youth Orchestra Concert today @BrookhouseSchools All words amazing 😊

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Among the performers were 18 students from Ghetto classics, all from Korogocho, whose musical talents have been nurtured to play various instruments ranging from the cello & violin to the trambone.

 Elizabeth Njoroge, ensemble director and founder.
Elizabeth Njoroge, ensemble director and founder.

“Safaricom has through Ghetto classics, made music a new lifestyle to Korogocho. 25 of the members who were playing on the day were playing for the first time after 11 weeks of intense yet interesting rehearsals.” said Elizabeth Njoroge, ensemble director and founder.

One of the success stories at the Safaricom Youth Orchestra is of Brian Kepha, 21, from Ghetto classics, whose life has shifted from sleeping on the Church floor for shelter to being invited for international events such as the Verbier festival in Germany and to now a music tutor at the Safaricom Youth Orchestra.

Bob Collymore
Bob Collymore, CEO Safaricom

“I once watched kids play orchestra when I went for a trip and thought to myself, why not do this in Kenya? That’s how Safaricom Youth Orchestra started. It brings young children from various backgrounds, Kangemi, St. Andrews Turi, Korogocho through Ghetto classics, Starehe boys and girls, and many more. That’s the power of music!” said Bob Collymore, Safaricom CEO.

Composed of 82 members in total, Safaricom Youth Orchestra is a full orchestra with a full range of instruments including rare ones such as bassoon and French horn.

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