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‘The Accountant’ Review: An Action Movie With A Niche Taste

01 Nov 2016 | By Kanzayua | @Kanzayua79

‘The Accountant’ Review

​October came to a close with the latest Ben Affleck flick The Accountant, where he stars alongside Anna Kendrick, J.K Simmons and Jon Bernthal under the direction of Gavin O'Connor.

The story revolves around Ben Affleck’s character Christian Wolff who suffers from autism, is incredibly intelligent and works as an accountant for criminal organizations. This time however, with the Treasury department closing in on his activities, he takes on a genuine client seeking his help. It is during this period he uncovers a disparity involving millions of dollars, pushing him to get to the truth of the matter.

There are quite a number of points I liked about this film. Ben Affleck again doing what Ben Affleck does best, this time taking on a completely different personality and fully committing himself to the role. The writing for his character is excellent. Albeit seeming the least bit interesting at first glance, you're always waiting to see what he character does next. How he thinks and functions internally is intriguing to see as the film progresses.

‘The Accountant’ Review

It was nice to see a fresh approch to the action genre and not your typical popcorn-popping CGI spectacle. The action is a plus, quite intense and well shot but The Accountant requires you to pay attention in key moments too. It takes it’s time to really flesh out the story and characters arcs. So expect the pacing to go down quite a bit.

This brings me to the flaws. I noted with this film there are quite a number of subplots occurring concurrently. It did confuse me at times and increased the overall runtime of the film. It also led to a long exposition involving two characters basically explaining the crux of the plot.

The Accountant is a solid enough film in my opinion. However, I can honestly say it’s not a film for all, especially if you’re expecting a charged up action flick that will dazzle with explosions. I give The Accountant 3.5/5 Stars.

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