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Major loopholes leave audiences confused - Hostages Review

30 Jan 2014 | By by Margaret Kemunto

The recently concluded television series Hostages aired on the Cable Network Showtime has left viewers wondering if there will be a second season. Many, I believe, were left confused by the numerous loopholes the story line had throughout the series.

Hostages, from the executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer, stars Emmy Award winner Toni Collette and Golden Globe winner Dylan McDermott. The show is based on the Israeli series of the same name. The drama revolves around Dr. Ellen Sanders, a premiere surgeon at a public hospital who gets the chance of a lifetime to operate on the President of the United States.

Her dream assignment soon turns into a nightmare as she and her family (husband Brian, daughter Morgan and son Jake) are taken hostage in their own house by a rogue FBI agent Duncan Carlisle (Dylan McDermott) on the night before the scheduled surgery.

As the series progresses it uncovers Carlisle’s true motives and motivation for his actions. We discover that Carlisle goes to bed with dangerous people in the plot to assassinate the President. He is doing this not for personal gain but out of being arm-twisted himself.

Despite all the twists and turns the writer and director may have tried to put in to captivate the audience, most of them left them confused and have no premise. How is it logical for the doctor operating on the President who is the most important person in the country not to have a security detail protecting her? She is left to continue with her normal life despite the fact that the life of the president will be in her hands.

The last episode especially leaves a lot to question. How does Dr. Sanders easily convince the First Lady of her husband’s mistakes who in turn allows her to take his bone marrow? On the same subject, Nina Carlisle agrees to go to hospital for the transplant but how would anyone go to a hospital with your own unidentified bone marrow?

But despite the flaws, the series had a great potential to be great and I believe can be salvaged if a second season is to be produced. However it has to be scripted better to allow the audience to have catharsis.

By Maggie Kemunto

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