Renowned Kenyan house music producer and DJ, EUGGY, is set to captivate the global music scene with the release of his highly anticipated EP, "CHUKI," a fusion of electronic beats and East African sounds that transcends boundaries. EUGGY's musical prowess has been showcased in various records, but "CHUKI" marks a milestone in his career as he expertly combines his love for rumba with electronic interpretations and a blend of dance music. The EP takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey through the rich tapestry of pan-African electronic music, effortlessly bridging the gap between traditional African rhythms and contemporary beats
The lead single, "Chuki," featuring the enchanting vocals of Idd Aziz and the production finesse of South African-based producer Tekniq, sets the tone for the EP. This collaboration seamlessly weaves together EUGGY's electronic flair with Aziz's vocals, creating a track that is both infectious and soulful.
EUGGY opens the EP with a debut collaboration with Benga King, Winyo, on "Lamo." This soft, soothing afro house record showcases Winyo's powerful Dholuo vocals harmonizing with EUGGY's percussions and basslines, creating a magical blend of East African sounds.
Continuing the collaborative spirit, EUGGY teams up with Tina Ardor, a prominent Kenyan musician well-versed in the global dance music scene, and Johannesburg-based producer Mpho.Wav on "Samaria." The track is an instant catch, with melodic synths and sonic sounds complemented by Tina's vibrant vocals, breathing life into this enchanting record.
"Dwana Dayz," an instrumental by EUGGY, adds another dimension to the EP. EUGGY collaborates with his brother SURAJ, crossing borders to work with Congolese musician Mumba Yachi on "Kolwa," a heartfelt tribute translated to "prayer to ancestors." The track draws inspiration from the rhythmic melodies of Afro-indigenous rumba music and vintage East African records.
EUGGY's "CHUKI" EP is not just a collection of tracks; it's a sonic journey that celebrates the cultural richness of Africa while embracing contemporary influences that shape its evolving musical landscape. The EP invites listeners to traverse a diverse spectrum of dance music across the African continent, making it a must-listen for music enthusiasts worldwide.
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