Doja Cat's "Bizzare" Album Rollout and Release

Doja Cat, "She of the Many Spiders", has sadly ended one of the oddest album releases in recent memory — even by Doja standards — with the release of Scarlet, her fourth studio album. The 15-track album is available now and include the singles "Attention," "Paint the Town Red," "Demons," and "Balut."
Paint the town RED, almost quite literally! See some of her wax statues across the town and fan reactions below;
"I've been messing around with name ideas for the album and have like 8 of them that I'm deciding between," she told Rolling Stone that month. "I'll be announcing the real title soon. I've been reconnecting with the music that I was raised listening to; Erykah Badu, John Coltrane, Nineties hip hop…the music that influenced me as a kid. I think my new music will bring some of that inspiration forward."
Doja Cat at her Scarlet experience last night:
Scarlet serves as both attack and part evasive move, a purposeful provocation for those who question Doja's character and a reasonable response to the million varied sets of expectations tugging on her. On the surface, it is a rap album, an invitation to cease expecting a performer who is cohesive in several forms to continue to conform to whatever shape makes the most people happy.
Here is how Doja's fans are reacting online:
In true Doja fashion, her album rollout was a wild and unexpected journey, leaving fans eagerly awaiting her next musical venture, hopefully with more surprises and, who knows, maybe more spiders.

FKF Possibly under fire:

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) clubs may have blindly applauded a seven-year broadcast agreement inked between the federation and Azam, a Tanzanian-based pay-tv service. The club officials are now waking up to reality as it slowly unfolds.
As of today, Premier League club executives have yet to learn how much each team would earn from the arrangement, an issue that the sponsor and federation have asked for more time to work on. 
Kenyan Football fanatics seem to have already seen this coming from afar.
During the signing and unveiling of the agreement on August 31, 2023, outgoing FKF President Nick Mwendwa referred to it as the "largest ever for football clubs" in Kenyan history. Clubs allegedly earned Kes. 700,000 every month throughout Supersport's tenure, equaling between 6.3 million and 8.4 million per season. This sum was to increase.
Kenyan Football fans on x are already expressing their disappointment with the federation.

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