Rodrigo has finally woken up from his coma after two years!  Rodrigo fell ill when he tried to take advantage of Natalia by pretending to be Diego. Natalia did not know that Diego has a twin brother and thought Diego had deceived her. She fought Rodrigo and he ended up brutally injured because of the blow he suffered to his head. Natalia and her family fled from Tuxpan, thinking that they had killed him.
Natalia ran into Diego again when she applied to work at his company. She was wary of him since she is still unaware about Rodrigo's existence. Diego had to put in a lot of effort to win Natalia back but his good nature eventually won her over.
All this while, Rodrigo was confined in the hospital with little hope that he would ever wake up. After two years, the doctor suggested removing him from life support because it did not seem like was getting better. It was a difficult decision for the family but they are slowly coming to terms with losing him. However, Rodrigo regained consciousness just after the decision was made. He was hurt to realize that his family had given up on him and upset that he had lost two years of his life. He is now pretending to still be in a coma as he observes everything going on around him.
What will happen when Rodrigo's family realizes that he has recovered? Tune in to Head Over Heel on NTV Kenya every Monday to Thursday at 8:00 pm to find out!

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