"Free Money," a captivating documentary filmed in Kogutu village, situated in Western Kenya, is set to make its global debut on Netflix - September 1st. The film is directed by the talented duo of Lauren DeFilippo (known for "Red Heaven") and Sam Soko (renowned for "Softie"). This documentary, which serves as the opening chapter of a three-part series, first drew significant attention during its global premiere at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). It once again captivated audiences in June of this year at the Sydney Film Festival. Shot over a period of five years, "Free Money" delves deep into the extensive and enduring universal basic income experiment conducted in the nation by the NGO GiveDirectly. Through the lens of the village's residents, the film skillfully explores the intricate tapestry of challenges, complexities, and the phenomenon of the white-savior complex.  The documentary features the insights of acclaimed journalist Larry Madowo, who takes on the role of a skeptical observer, posing probing questions about the potential long-term ramifications of this initiative.  While directors DeFilippo and Soko characterize the NGO's efforts as an experiment, Michael Faye, the founder of the NGO and a prominent figure in the film, offers a distinct perspective.  In addition to its Netflix premiere, the documentary will also be screened at the Unseen Theatre in Nairobi on the same date, September 1st.  This captivating documentary is the result of a collaborative endeavor between LBx Africa and Insignia Films, both based in New York.

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