Carlos knows the truth about his real identity. He grew up thinking that he was the son of Don Roman and Victoria was his stepmother. His relationship with his father has always been tense while Victoria always supported him. This came as a surprise to the people around them because Victoria showed unconditional love to a son who was not her own. The truth however is that Carlos is Victoria’s son with Rigor. She exchanged him with Roman’s real son in order to give her son the best life possible. Victoria kept this secret even from Carlos but he eventually came to learn the truth after overhearing her conversation with Rigor. Carlos was hurt and disappointed but he was forced to keep his mother’s secret. If Roman learns about it, Carlos is bound to lose all the privileges he enjoys as his only son. The worst part is that Don Roman’s real son is Gabriel. Roman admired Gabriel ever since he joined Tiger Shark and Carlos is not happy to see how easily the two get along. Victoria and Carlos will now work together to hide the secret from Roman. But how long will they be able to keep from Roman from finding out? Follow “Forever My Love” on NTV Kenya from Monday to Thursday at 8:00 pm

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Mary Njehia

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