Things have taken a different turn on fall into temptation! After Santiago and Raquel found out that their spouses had cheated on them, the two had to go on a painstaking journey to try and figure out how such a thing happened. It was even more surprising that the affair went on for three years without either of them finding out. Santiago and Raquel had to become each other’s support system during this time since they understood each other’s pain. This has however turned into something else as they now find themselves developing feelings for each other. It is now clear that they are in love but their situation does not help. For one, Sanitago’s lawyer argues that their relationship could be harmful since it could provide motive and hence implicate them as the perpetrators behind Damian’s accident and Carolina’s murder. Their children aren’t in favor of it either since they see it as revenge toward Damian and Carolina. They don’t understand how this relationship will work. Mia, Raquel’s daughter has gone to the lengths of monitoring her mother to make sure that she doesn’t see Santiago to the point where Raquel has to sneak out of her house. This is indeed a complicated situation for Raquel and Santiago but do you think it is right for them to be together considering their circumstances?

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Jacqueline is a former KenyaBuzz employee.

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