Drake has a new video out for his latest Billboard Hot 100 no. 1 song, God’s Plan, and it has gotten everyone emotional. On Friday 16th February 2018, Champagne Papi released the video which documents his philanthropic moves. In it, he gives away all of the $1 million budgeted for the video and features various clips of him treating unsuspecting strangers and community centres to wads of cash, free shopping and generous cheques. Check out the video if you haven’t yet. Warning: It’s a tearjerker so, have some tissues with you. Meanwhile, here are teary reactions from Twitter with Kenyans also chipping in: https://twitter.com/slyrie/status/965497310896623617 https://twitter.com/imanshumpert/status/965358335489753088 https://twitter.com/billboardhiphop/status/965511337861419008 https://twitter.com/MarshaAmbrosius/status/965119628472082433 https://twitter.com/justReesie/status/965501645722390528 https://twitter.com/RainbowFloof/status/965517487906459648 https://twitter.com/HalfLuo/status/965302295507492865 https://twitter.com/irish_lyza/status/965280676806299648 https://twitter.com/TheMachira/status/964897339721814016 Here is the video: https://youtu.be/XUqRem0W8L8

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