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'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 9 Review: The Kweens Take Over TV

28 Mar 2017 | By Levis Ryan

The Cast of Drag Race Season 9 /via IMDB

RuPaul’s Drag Race is back for a 9th season, and this year, Ru promises a star-studded season full of drama. The first episode featured music superstar Lady Gaga. 14 queens are competing for the title of America’s next drag superstar and a $100,000 cash prize. The 14th queen however remains a mystery and was teased in the last few seconds of the premiere episode. My guess is that it’s Bob the Drag Queen. The season is the first to air on VH1, a more popular network than its home network Logo, joining other popular shows like America’s Next Top Model, the Love and Hip Hop franchise, Black Ink Crew and more. 

The first episode was funny and entertaining to watch, as the show always is of course. It started with the queens doing their short runway walk followed by a brief introduction of who they are. Lady Gaga made the same entrance posing as Ronnie, a Lady Gaga impersonator from New Jersey. It didn’t take the queens long to realize who she really was though. 

Lady Gaga and RuPaul /via IMDB

The episode presented the queens with two major pageant challenges. The first was to do a look representing where the queens were from and the second to do a look of their favourite Lady Gaga outfit. Nina Bonina Brown won the challenge and won a one week getaway to The Grand Resort and Spa at Fort Lauderdale Beach, but as a surprise twist, no one was eliminated.

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Here’s the list of queens competing this season:

Drag name: Aja
Real name: Jay Rivera
Age: 22

Drag name: Alexis Michelle
Real name:  Alex Michaels
Age: 33

Drag name: Charlie Hides
Real name:  Charlie Hides
Age: 52

Drag name:  Eureka
Real name:  David Huggard
Age: 25

Drag name: Farrah Moan 
Real name: Cameron Clayton
Age: 23

Drag name: Jaymes Mansfield 
Real name:  James Wirth 
Age: 26

Drag name: Kimora Blac 
Real name: Von Nguyen 
Age: 28

Drag name: Nina Bo'Nina Brown
Real name: Pierre Laverne Dease
Age: 34

Drag name: Peppermint 
Real name: Agnes Moore
Age: 37

Drag name: Sasha Velour  
Real name: Alexander Steinberg
Age: 29

Drag name: Shea Coulee
Real name: Jaren Shea Merrell
Age: 27

Drag name: Trinity Taylor
Real name: Ryan Taylor
Age: 31

Drag name: Valentina
Real name: James Leyva
Age: 25

This season looks promising and fun to watch. If you’re a drag race veteran then this is one season you cannot afford to miss. If you’ve never watched the show before, maybe it’s time you started. I promise you, drag queens make for amazing entertainment!

Levis Ryan is a writer for KenyaBuzz and an ardent watcher of TV shows. Follow him on Twitter at @LevisRyann and Instagram instagram.com/levisryan.

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