About my Father is a sidesplitting rom-com featuring Robert De Niro as Salvo, a candid yet affectionate Italian immigrant hairstylist. Alongside him, Sebastian Maniscalco portrays a fictionalized version of himself, caught in a heartwarming love story with the charming Ellie, played by Leslie Bibb. As the plot unfolds, Ellie invites Sebastian and his father to join her affluent and quintessentially American family for a memorable Fourth of July celebration.
Ellie's family is an eccentric mix, led by the charismatic yet polarizing matriarch, Tigger, portrayed by Kim Cattrall. Her father, Bill, played by David Rasche, does his best to maintain a cheerful demeanor despite constant concerns for his children.
Enter Lucky, Ellie's douchey aviation enthusiast brother, portrayed by Anders Holm, and Doug, the family's hippy socialist with a penchant for playing sound bowls and serenading their pet peacock, played by Brett Dier. From the outset, it's evident that Sebastian and Ellie hail from different walks of life, setting the stage for a colossal clash of cultures where secrets are revealed, feathers are ruffled, and even peacocks find themselves on the menu.

About my Father is a hilarious and lighthearted film, tailor-made for a delightful weekend watch with friends. Prepare for a riotous blend of laughter, love, and unexpected fireworks as two families collide, reminding us that amidst the chaos, genuine connections can be forged. Get your tickets now on KenyaBuzz

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