The Guerrero brothers were finally able to make Augusto pay for all his crimes. Augusto tried to make them out to be the bad guys in front of his daughters but they were more than ready to prove that he was the criminal among them.
After Carlota faked her death, Augusto asked to have a mass held for her and invited the Guerrero brothers. This is where he told Mariluz, Domenika and Emma that they had faked their identity and deceived the ladies in order to get revenge of him. He also insisted that he did not kill their father, Octavio Sanchez, and dared them to bring any proof that they had.
The Guerrero brothers along with their mother, Elisa, brought a witness who saw everything. When Augusto realized he had lost, he tried to assassinate them. Luckily, they had teamed up with Federico, who was able to protect them. Augusto tried to escape from the authorities and went into hiding for many months.
Meanwhile, the Guerrero brothers all got married on one day. Jesus married Mariluz, Damian married Domenika and Samuel married Viviana, a new lady he had met. Unfortunately, Carlota appeared at the wedding and kidnapped Mariluz's son. Augusto was able to rescue his grandson but he ended up in the hands of the authorities. He eventually paid for all the crimes he had committed in the end. What did you think of the finale?

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