Damian and Samuel fell for Domenica ever since they met her. They plan to use Augusto's daughters to seek revenge for their father's ruin and this was the excuse they used to get close to Domenica, Augusto's second daughter. Unfortunately, they did not realize that they were already falling for her.
For Samuel, he thought of Domenica as his pretty neighbor. She was also drawn to him because of his innocence and offered to teach him how to read. Soon, he became her teacher and refused to accept the other teachers Jesus hired. Meanwhile, Damian took advantage of Domenica's visits to flirt with her. She tried to dissuade him but his charm eventually won her over. He later found out that Domenica was engaged to be married and was furious with her but still planned to use her for their revenge plans. Samuel wants to protect Domenica from his brothers, claiming she is innocent. Damian therefore told him to stay away from her because he would ruin their plans and this brought about animosity between.
Jesus was worried about his brothers so he asked both of them to stay away from Domenica. This is to help the brothers live in peace since they are still adjusting to being with each other.  Who will win over Domenica's heart in the end?
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