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‘Arrival’ Review: A Silent Sci-Fi Triumph

17 Nov 2016 | By Kanzayua | @Kanzayua79

‘Arrival’ Review: A Silent Triumph For Sci-Fi

After taking turns in superhero flicks earlier in the year, the lovely Amy Adams (Batman v Superman) and Jeremy Renner (Captain America: Civil War) battle villains of a different genre in Arrival. Alongside them is Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker in this sci-fi thriller by French Canadian director Denis Villeneuve.

The science fiction genre has been a great boon for Hollywood studios in the last couple of years. Films involving extra-terrestrial and interplanetary travel such as Interstellar and The Martian enjoyed both box office and critical success. Something that Arrival is definitely aspiring to do.

Adams plays a linguist who is tasked by the military to assist in translating and communicating with intergalactic beings after they land on earth with unclear intentions. Sounds pretty trite, right? Well, you and I couldn’t be so wrong. This film is simply brilliant. It’s a fresh and delectable perspective on the exhausted "alien invasion" script. Perhaps it’s important to note that Arrival is a slow paced film. And it remains that way almost throughout. If that’s not your cup of tea, go see Doctor Strange again.

The film starts off with introductions to the various characters, one especially affected by personal tragedy, and trying to find the best way to cope. It is during this point in time that the unwanted guests arrive and the military moves quickly to find a solution. Probably the slowest point in the film occurs during this period, taking its time to really get things going.

At about the 40 minute mark, the film begins to pick up pace but not in the conventional sense that you would expect. So what makes this such a great film? The directing lays the foundation of this film. The tone set throughout the film’s runtime is tense and full of suspense at key plot points as we see the crew try to understand and learn about their new guests.

Amy Adams is fantastic. She is a shoo-in for an Oscar nom for her performance here. As the story is revolved around her character, we get to see bits and pieces of her past, present and future, filled with emotional twists and turns that ultimately lead up to an awe-inspiring conclusion that makes this film outstanding.

Another key component is the visuals. A breathtaking 360 degree shot early on in the movie acts as a great set up for the rest of the film which is littered with beautifully crafted shots.

As a whole, the story goes much deeper by sending a message to a world that desperately needs it. The director Denis Villeneuve, who directed one of my favourite films of 2015, Sicario, stated in a featurette that he wanted to make a science fiction film since he was 10 years old. I am glad that he finally did it. The whole genre is better for it.

I give Arrival a perfect 5/5.

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