AfroKidz is a social enterprise that promotes the use, reawakening and preservation of African indigenous languages so they continue to be seen and heard in everyday life.
With a mission to ignite curiosity and pride in Kenya's diverse ethnicities while fostering a sense of Pan Africanism, this socially conscious venture is reshaping the way children engage with their roots.
Founded by a team of passionate individuals, the startup aims to tackle the challenge of cultural erosion among Kenyan youth, who are often bombarded with Western influences in media and education. Recognizing the importance of preserving and celebrating Kenya's rich tapestry of ethnicities, the startup focuses on producing engaging and educational materials.
At the core of their initiatives are reading materials, flashcards, and games designed to pique childrens' interest in their ethnic heritages. By weaving captivating narratives and incorporating interactive elements, such as puzzles and quizzes, these resources transform learning into a fun and immersive experience. From Luo folktales to Kikuyu proverbs, each piece of content serves as a gateway to understanding and appreciating the diversity within Kenya.
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