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8 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Can DJ

25 Jul 2016 | By Lisa Mugera

1. Solange Knowles
Solange has got to be one of the coolest people we know. She can literally do anything, from slapping Jay Z to turning tables.
Solange Knowles


2. Justin Timberlake
Justin not only knows how to show his sexy back in movies and music videos, but he also throws a pretty great throw down as a Dj.
Justin Timberlake


3. Paris Hilton
Billionaire hotel heiress Paris Hilton is so good at being a disk jockey that she earns a whopping $1M to pump up crowds in clubs abroad.
paris hilton


4. Alicia Keys
Aside from the Grammies and being a super awesome mum, Alicia Keys has been turning tables in various clubs in New York.
alicia keys

5. Joe Jonas
After his not-so-good a singing & acting careers, Joe went ahead and turned to being DJ Danger, as a third career.
joe jonas


6. Shaquille O’Neal
Notably known as one of the coolest sportsmen ever, Shaquille can also get people bumping their heads at a club to his crazy mixes. He even goes by the name Dj Diesel and played at TomorrowWorld 2015 before graduating to this year's Tomorrowland festival.
Shaquille O’Neal


7. Idris Elba
Mr ‘sexy as he ages’, Idris Elba not only knows how to make the ladies swoon, he’s also pretty good with his hands – as a Dj, of course. He's even played at Ibiza.
idris elba


8. Pauly D
You may know him as the bad boy from Reality show, ‘Jersey Shore’ and ‘Famously Single’, but Pauly D’s main occupation is being a bad ass Dj – Dj Pauly D.
pauly d

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