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10 Weird Things Pregnant Women Do

09 Jun 2016 | By The Weatherman

Pregnant women

Pregnant wome can be a little off, let's face it. But then again, we can't really blame them now, can we?

Here are 10 weird things that pregnant women just can't stop themselves from doing:

1. Eat stones. Like, why?
2. Pee all the time. Well in their defence, there’s a huge load literally balancing on top of their bladders.
3. Take several pregnancy tests when they’re 100% sure they’re pregnant!
4. Go ham on the ham! And the chicken, pork, beef, fries, you name it. They literally eat for 6+ people.
5. Automatically either rule out or add to their list any new name they hear, even if it’s just an introduction to someone else.
6. Take a nap anywhere and at any time, with no shame.
7. Stop caring about how many times they fart in a day.
8. Did I mention how much they love it when the food keeps coming? And that they literally eat everything on sight?
9. Temporarily lose their minds for the 9-month period.
10. Are constantly hormonal. One second they’re happy, then next they’re crying.

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