Our top selling movie on KenyaBuzz this week is Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga. In this movie, Furiosa is abducted by Dementus and later traded to Immortan Joe, who takes her in as a "breeder". She adapts quickly and becomes responsible for transporting food and fuel between The Citadel, Gas Town, and The Bullet Farm. Mentored by Jack (Tom Burke), she becomes a skilled road warrior. Here's what top Hollywood critics have to say about Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga: Adam Nayman, The Ringer Fury Road was a movie to witness; Furiosa is worth seeing. Full Review  Kat SachsChicago, Reader The newest in the Max Max franchise doesn't quite fill the shoes of its predecessor, but it's still a highly compelling odyssey. Full Review  Justin Chang, NPR's Fresh Air Even in moments when the CGI looks a little obvious, the mayhem is staged and shot with the kind of blissful coherence that you rarely see in a Hollywood blockbuster anymore. Full Review  Wendy Ide, Guardian It's a remarkable achievement by Miller - a piece of world-building that is fully realised down to the last diseased pustule on the last burrow-dwelling maggot farmer. And the action sequences are phenomenal. Full Review  Buy Tickets on KenyaBuzz. *Featured Image: Anya Taylor-Joy in FuriosaA Mad Max Saga. Warner Bros. Pictures

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