John Cena, the wrestler turned actor, makes a comeback in the action comedy "Freelance,"  by director Pierre Morel. The plot revolves around Cena's character, retired veteran Pettits, whose tranquil life takes a dramatic turn when he becomes the personal bodyguard for a journalist interviewing a clueless president in a war-torn country. Amidst the ensuing chaos, Cena's reluctant hero emerges to shield the president.
The movie brings back memories of "The Dictator" and "The Interview," but with a slightly less unhinged vibe. Mason, the protagonist, faces struggles but remains an upright and honorable man, displaying unwavering commitment to his family as he puts himself in harm's way to protect them. Surprising facets of the manipulative dictator, Venegas, unfold, portraying him as a lovable villain who genuinely cares for his countrymen and seeks peace.
Despite its contrasting tones and unexpected plot elements, the film garnered universal criticism from critics, earning a dismal 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But if it sounds like the kind of movie you might like, get your tickets on KenyaBuzz.

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