Recently, Samsung hosted its  star studded Galaxy Unpacked event in Westlands Nairobi.
They unveiled the latest iterations of its Galaxy smartphones. I find these phones intriguing for various reasons. Here are some standout features that caught my attention:
WiFi 7 Integration:
Samsung has incorporated WiFi 7 into all its new S24 devices, paving the way for broader adoption of the faster standard across various devices. While immediate benefits may not be apparent for most users (most of Kenya) due to limited WiFi 7 router availability, this is going to be a game changer in the future.
50MP Telephoto Camera:
Influencer baddies and content creators, rejoice! Techies are saying the S24 Ultra 50MP, 5x telephoto camera, is way better than the iPhone 15 Pro Max's 5x "tetraprism". You'd have to try and tell us. Send us your pics!
Brighter Display:
Samsung has elevated the brightness of the S24 Ultra's display to 2,600 nits. It's a big deal apparently. This enhanced brightness is particularly advantageous for outdoor use in bright sunlight. Additionally, the improved cooling system ensures that the phone doesn't have to dim the screen frequently due to overheating.
On-Device LLM (Large Language Model):
Collaborating with Google, Samsung has integrated its on-device Gemini Large Language Model (LLM), enabling powerful functionalities without relying on cloud servers. This includes features like Live Translation in phone calls, demonstrating the potential for real-time language detection and translation. Can it hack sheng? We will have to wait and see.
AI-Powered for Text & Photo Editing
This phone has on-device AI capabilities that can help with the tone of your text and photo editing. This includes removing distractions, generative fill for image adjustments, and AI-driven enhancements for night photography. Also, it has AI-powered slow-motion video conversion at 120fps.
If the hefty price is not a big deal for you and you have 6 figures to spare, send us a review of your new phone to so we can see if all the craze on Tik Tok is for real
Featured image: Samsung Head of Product Marketing and Mobile Experience, George Kebaso, Samsung East Africa MD, Tae Sun Lee and Head of Samsung electronics East Africa, Mobile experience Anthony Hutia during the launch of Samsung Galaxy AI in Nairobi Kenya
Brand ambassadors:  Lord Hezion, Phoina Tosha, Anita Nderu, Rhotimi, Zari Hassan and Shiksha Arora the brand ambassadors of the Samsung Galaxy AI unveiled yesterday during the Samsung Galaxy AI in Nairobi Kenya 
*Images: Engage PR

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