Jason Statham is always playing the tough guy on screen. From Deckard Shaw in the Fast and Furious series to Wrath of Man and Expend4bles. In The BeeKeeper, he plays Adam Clay. Living a quiet life in the countryside, cultivating and selling honey, little is known about Adam except that he's far from an ordinary Beekeeper.
He is friends with Eloise Parker (played by Phylicia Rashad), an elderly woman residing nearby who rents him space in her barn. Adam says that Eloise is the only person who ever looked out for him.
Then, one day, tragedy strikes. Eloise falls victim to a phishing scam orchestrated by a data mining company, resulting in the depletion of her bank account and that of a nonprofit she co-founded. She then commits suicide and Adam is arrested.
After clearing his name, Adam sheds his beekeeper persona, transforms into a covert operative armed with a blend of commando skills and disguises from his past life. Determined to deliver justice where the legal system falls short, he ascends the criminal hierarchy, targeting those who prey on others through cybercrime.
The trailer alone is action packed and the audience reviews on Rotten Tomatoes are excellent.
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