Alonso and Karina decided to have a child together since they were both lonely and thought that having a child would complete their lives. Karina had tried to have a relationship with Alonso and was even the reason why he broke up with Irene. She made it seem like Alonso was cheating, so Irene broke up with him and ended up getting married to Tedeo. Alonso however made it clear that he would never date Karina even if he was no longer with Irene.
Karina seemed to have accepted that Alonso would never be with her, so she suggested IVF in order to have a child with him. Since Alonso also wanted to have a baby, he made an agreement with Karina to have a child and co-parent. Things were going smoothly for the first few months until Karina started to become clingy again. She wanted Alonso to give her special treatment as the mother of his child and thus asked him to spend time with her, take care of her and love her. Alonso however made it clear that they had a different agreement.
Since Tedeo passed away, Irene is currently single again and there is the possibility of them getting back together. Will Karina's pregnancy complicate their reunion or will Alonso finally give Karina a chance?
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