Mexican actor, Gabriel Porras recently revealed that he had to turn to bartending to pay bills. The actor started out in TV Azteca but made a name for himself in Telemundo with shows such as Where is Elisa?, The House Next Door, Corazon Valiente,  Queen of the Skies, The Fan, among others. The work however stopped coming and the actor had to find other ways to make ends meet.
The actor spoke to Adamari López on her show recently, revealing how he has managed to make ends meet during the difficult times. "I think it's the most difficult thing when you're at home waiting for that famous call that we actors are waiting for the next lead role or the next thing that's going to happen to us and it turns out that it doesn't come and a year goes by and it doesn't come and 2 years go by and It doesn't arrive and the third year passes, you keep doing castings and nothing happens…"
He therefore decided to find another job, not shunning bartending because these were the kinds of jobs he did before he became an actor.
"Actors are always waiters or bartenders before they are able to achieve fame. And that's why I started to studying a bartending course…" Porras said. He emphasized that he was not embarrassed about the work and was glad when customers recognized him. He however decided to quit after a few weeks because the work was quite difficult for him. He is now acting at theatres for work.
Would you like to see Gabriel Porras return to TV?

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