In a surprising turn of events, the Mexican telenovela, Living for Love (Vivir de Amor) premiered this week on Citizen TV making it the first time Citizen TV premieres a telenovela in Kenya almost thirty days before it ends in its home country. Living for Love is a remake of the Emmy-Award winning Portuguese telenovela Blood Ties (Laços de Sangue) which also aired on Citizen TV in 2020.
Living for Love stars Kimberly Dos Ramos, Emmanuel Palomares, Gala Montes, Joshua Gutiérrez and Gabriela Spanic. 20 years ago, the Olmo family suffered the kidnapping of their daughter Frida. Her father dies when confronting the criminals. The police cannot find the minor and consider her dead. They ignore that the minor has managed to escape and crosses the path of Alma and Antonio who have just buried their daughter Rebeca. Given the deep pain of their loss, they decide to stay with Frida and pass her off as Rebeca, their dead daughter.
Rebeca grows up in a humble environment that she detests and upon learning her true origin, she decides to take revenge on her blood family, thinking that they abandoned her to her fate. Her anger focuses on her sister Angelli, whom she envies for having had a life with all the luxuries that she lacked, and who has also just announced her engagement to the rich and attractive businessman José Emilio Aranda Rivero Cuéllar.
Don Emilio, the patriarch of the Rivero Cuéllar family, suffers a stroke when he discovers that his grandson Misael has committed a multimillion-dollar fraud in the company and José Emilio must save it from bankruptcy.​ The evil of Rebeca and Misael will confront the nobility and righteous temper of José Emilio and Angelli, who will have to fight with their hearts in their hands to defend their love, and combat with truth the lies that threaten to destroy them.
 Produced by Salvador Mejia Alejandre (Unforgivable/Daring Heart), Living for Love will air on Citizen TV, daily at 10 PM with new episodes every morning on Viusasa.

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