Alejandro continues to upset his family by choosing to be with Sofia and this might cost him. He started seeing Isabela again after he ended things with Sofia and both their families believed that the two would get married. Alejandro said that he wanted to have a serious talk with Isabela so everyone jumped to the conclusion that he was going to propose.
The Noriegas and Isabela's family prepared a party and invited all their friends to witness the proposal. They were however surprised and disappointed when Alejandro arrived with Sofia on his arm. He announced that they had gotten married after sorting out their issues and that is what he wanted to tell Isabela. Everyone was angry at him and they did not accept his explanation of why he got back together with Sofia.
Lucia, Alejandro's mother was furious and went as far as moving out of their house because she could not live with Sofia. When she heard that Alejandro wanted Sofia to work at the company, she talked to her other children, Vanesa and Eduardo, to find a solution. They all decided that all the decisions in the company would have to be agreed by the three siblings, stripping Alejandro of his rights as president. How far will they go to punish him or will they finally accept his marriage to Sofia?
Find out how things will unfold on Cabo, Sunday to Wednesday on Citizen TV at 10:30 pm.

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