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Nadia Favre On Leaving XFM, Her New Podcast & Possible Reality Show

05 Apr 2017 | By Levis Ryan

Photo Credit: Ria Ana Sejpal

KenyaBuzz: Who is Nadia Favre in a nutshell?
Nadia Favre: Am I allowed to veto a question? I wasn’t warned that this interview would come with an existential crisis.  I think if we sieve through everything and condense my existence… it resembles a wonderfully ill-timed improvisation show. Where the actors are kinda awkward and you realize all too quickly that you paid too much to watch it. 

KenyaBuzz: When did you realize you wanted to venture into media?
Nadia Favre: I had my mind set on, what was to me, the most lucrative career ever. I thought I was going to be a thief up until the age of five. Once I voiced it to my mother she explained that it would require me taking things from other people. I bailed. Since that didn’t work out I turned to entertainment.

In 1995. I watched the opening credits of Mrs Doutbfire. I heard all the different boisterous voices. My tiny 5-year-old mind was blown when I found out that all those sounds were coming out of one person. So I decided to pick history as my major because I make no sense. 

KenyaBuzz: How long have you been in the industry and how did you get started?
Nadia Favre: My start was unexpected. I was walking and saw a flyer that said “presenters wanted”. Convinced myself to do it. I auditioned with hundreds of other people. They handed me a script for a commercial and told me to read the highlighted part. I asked if I could read for all the characters instead.  I did all the different voices and accents. 
Four years, three months and a bunch of stress related hair loss later…here I am. 

KenyaBuzz: I can only imagine how many obstacles there are in the media industry. What are some of the greatest ones you have come across?
Nadia Favre: I mean the media in general is very unforgiving and bias.  Men who work in the industry aren’t constantly scrutinized for their appearance. I would like to believe that the same rules apply to both genders. When Adele was mocked for being heavier than the average woman on TV, she said she makes “music for the ears, not eyes”. My job description entails using my voice to evoke any emotion that resembles happiness. I’m not in a beauty pageant.  Next question, please. 

KenyaBuzz: How have you dealt with these challenges?
Nadia Favre: I send death threats to the twitter trolls. 

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KenyaBuzz: Why did you quit radio? Do you regret it?
Nadia Favre: I have gotten numerous questions that danced around this topic. To clarify, I did not quit Radio. I quit the station I was working for.  I left for various reasons. One of them being the epiphany that if I moved back to Canada, McDonald’s would pay me more than that job did. P.S Radio is my first love and I will run right back into its arms when the time is right. 

KenyaBuzz: What’s the biggest difference in your life post radio?
Nadia Favre: There was serious impenetrable structure to my life while I hosted a radio show. My show was at the same time, six days a week for four years.  Now, I find that everyday is different. Hectic and unpredictable. I love it. 

KenyaBuzz: How do you feel about being on TV?
Nadia Favre: Keeping Up With Nadia Favre? 
A show where I race geriatric patients and win, unapologetically. Yes, a thousand times yes! 

KenyaBuzz: How close are you and Lynda Nyangweso? Why did you decide to take on this project together?
Nadia Favre: Close enough that I feel free to periodically ask whether I can sniff her baby to steal her youth through osmosis. The podcast (Cut The Foreplay) makes sense because of our personalities. I’d say they blend seamlessly but we’re obviously too socially inept for that.  

KenyaBuzz: Do you find that the Kenyan audience is receptive/ready for podcasters?
Nadia Favre: In short, Yes. 

KenyaBuzz: Did you have any fears or reservations of starting your own podcast?
Nadia Favre: Nope. I get to talk to everyone in my pyjamas. It’s a dream come true. 

KenyaBuzz: What are some of the fave podcast that you’re listening to right now?
Nadia Favre: Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig 

KenyaBuzz: You have quite a number of loyal fans. Tell us one thing they would be shocked to know about you. 
Nadia Favre: No one ever believes me … but I meditate everyday. 

KenyaBuzz: When you’re not on radio, or creating content, what do you do for fun?
Nadia Favre: Let me tell you up front. I’m boring.  I like going for runs and taking baths so long that I come out looking like an old sundried tomato that you left under your couch. 

KenyaBuzz: You come off as a very ‘unapologetic’ type of person. Is there anything that you’ve ever said or did that you immediately regretted because of how embarrassing it was?
Nadia Favre: Good god. Here we go… It was a family dinner. One of the humans that I share DNA with, left her phone on the table. it rang. It was a cheesy boy band classic, ten thousand promises by the backstreet boys. I was ready with my monologue, as I usually am. I lightheartedly ripped her song choice to shreds as everyone laughed even though I love me some BSB. She overheard and proceeded to explain to me that she’s a newly wed and so unfathomably in love with her husband. She thought that song choice would make him feel special. I died on the inside. I was/am still mortified. 
So to answer your question…yes.

Listen to Nadia's podcast Cut The Foreplay here.  

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