I Know Why The Caged Lion Sings


I Know Why The Caged Lion Sings

calendar_today 12th Apr, 2024 at 12:00PM place Kenya Cultural Center - Ukumbi Mdogo


Mrs. Marara is a lioness that was born and lives in the Tsavo National park. Hers is a tragic story of how she lost her cubs and her pride of other lionesses due to human wildlife conflict. A farmer who lives near the Tsavo is the culprit. Yet he says his family is growing and hence needs more land. Should the growth of one be the death of another?

Through the help of a little girl who is the only person who understands her, she sorts for help in a court of law. Will she get justice? 

This is her story told by her. A story of how she has to cry out for justice lest she dies in a cage.

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