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Generation Hope Kenya Foundation is a charity organisation registered under the Societies Acts of Kenya. It is a faith-based organisation that was founded to meet the needs of children in orphanages by providing spiritual, social and financial support.

Our core values and belief system are rooted in the Christian perspective, which is consistent with the bible teachings of Jesus Christ. With the mission statement ‘Spread Love, See them Smile’, our vision is to improve the livelihood of children in orphanages in Kenya.
The objectives of the foundation are
a) To eradicate extreme poverty in Children Homes
b) To combat worm infectious diseases
c) To promote primary education to the children and provide mentorship, guidance to children.
d) To promote corporate and societal partnership to provide sponsorship opportunities to the children orphanages.

Following the numerous visits that the foundation has had to Children Orphanages, it has been noted that children suffer from worm infections related diseases hence the introduction of The Deworming Program in December 2014. It has also been noted that children in homes just like the others want a sense of belonging and acceptance, they want people to visit them and show love and care. The surest way to show all this is by creating a bond by playing games with them.

The Harmony Program is a series of deworming exercises which are packaged as fun filled events. The foundation brings together different children orphanages in a venue and provides games and fun materials to the children. With partnership from the local government hospitals, the deworming exercise is then carried out.

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