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Till Debt Do Us Part at Wida Resort

Till Debt Do Us Part

Are you single and wondering how to talk to a future partner about money? Are you frugal and dating an extravagant spendthrift? Are you dating someone who is secretive about money matters? Are you going into marriage without having discussed money matters? Do you and your partner often argue about money?

Are you married and in debt but never talk about it? Are you embarking on a “late in life” second marriage with some baggage?

Whether you are in a serious relationship, just recently married, or have been married for several years, money matters can be controversial if not handled with sensitivity.

When two people become a couple they confront a myriad of financial choices and decisions.

Are you engaged? How much do you know about your partner’s financial situation?

After the excitement of the wedding ceremonies, it will be time to face your financial future together.

Navigating this somewhat sensitive issue is important because financial problems can strain relationships to breaking point and have been cited as a major cause of friction, separation and divorce, yet most couples go into marriage without ever broaching this subject.

It may not be romantic, but it is important.

Speaker: Dr Chris Hart. There is so much to talk about. Join us; alone, with your partner or with friends.

We will be conducting a raffle, with one prize on the shelf: A paid Easter Holiday for two (2) in Naivasha’s Kongoni Lodges.

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